It seems that I had an interest in photography while still an infant in a crib.
This photograph, original and not created through any photo manipulation, of
me as a baby, holding a photograph of my sister, Shelby, foretells of my long and deep passion for photography.

Photograph by father
Harry Palmer
circa April 1942

I began photographing at about the age of 4, learning from my father, Harry, to hold a camera and focus and release the shutter on a 35 mm Argus C1. Within two years, I was playing with a printing frame, 620 negatives and printing out paper, holding the printing frame to the sun and amazed as the images appeared.

in front of 1st Ocean Ave. home, New London, CT
mother, Ceal; sister, Shelby; and me, Brock
Photograph by father, Harry Palmer
circa 1946
in front of 1st Ocean Ave. home, New London, CT
mother, Ceal; cousins Margie and Stan; and me, Brock
Photograph by father Harry Palmer
circa 1947

At age 11, at summer camp, I began learning to develop film and make enlargements in a darkroom. At age 13, I won my first photo contest, an Ansco Scholastic Art Contest, with a photo taken that summer of '53 at Camp Monterey.

Stan Ocum, counselor, 1953
Camp Monterey, Monterey, MA
Friends pose for portrait, 1953
Camp Monterey, Monterey, MA
Bunk Mates, Howie, Jeff and Steve
Camp Monterey, Monterey MA, 1953

During my 20’s, I won awards in many County Fairs and Outdoor Art Shows, including the Mystic Outdoor Arts Festival, one of the largest outdoor art shows in the North East, in which I was awarded 3rd place in Photography by photographer and educator, Harry Callahan.

In 1965, I received an AAS in Photographic Illustration from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Young woman models
for portrait
George Eastman House
of Photography
circa 1965
Window boarded, some
reflecting sky and clouds,
part of circle painted
on building adjacent to
apt. near old RIT campus
circa 1965
Archway and Columns
Entrance to School of Art & Design
RIT old Campus
circa 1964

In the summers of 1964 and 1965, I studied with Minor White in (2)10 day workshops, receiving instruction in
the Zone System, Creative Photography and Alfred Steiglitz's realization of Equivalents, "one of the major innovations of American photographic practice."a symbolic aesthetic which embodies the awareness that "...objective records of reality could express subjective feelings."

Millbrook, NY
Zone System Practice
Summer 1964
Arlington Workshop,
Summer 1965
Arllington Workshop,
Summer 1965

In 1978, I received a BFA with honors in Photography from University of the Arts, formerly Philadelphia College of Art. Those 3 years at Philadelphia College of Art were some of the richest with photographic experience and the love of art and the freedom of self expression within a community of others with a love of art and a goal of self expression.

Walnut St. Apartment
Three Nudes
Philadelphia, circa 1978
Rittenhouse Square
Philadelphia, circa 1977
Philadelphia, circa 1976

Philadelphia, PA
circa 1976
Philadelphia, PA
circa 1978
Philadelphia, PA
circa 1978

During 1968, '69 and '70, I worked as a Photographic Assistant in Advertising, Industrial, and Fashion Photography in studios in CT (Robin Perry Studios), NYC, and in LA.

I have been published in Newsweek and Time Magazines, national and international textbooks, Woodstock Times, Napa Valley Register, and San Francisco Chronicle newspapers, various book jackets, and most recently on the web at various web sites.

Woodstock Times
Calligraphy by Sharon Roos
Art Direction by Brock
circa 1970

Woodstock Times Newspaper
circa 1970
Fur Balloon Family logo
Calligraphy by Sharon Roos
Design by Brock
December 1970
Outdoor Signage
by Sharon, Brenda & Brock

Uptown Theater sign installation
Napa Valley Register, front page
Nov. 2001

My favorite subjects are nature, landscapes, seascapes,
panoramas, flowers, architecture, abstractions, and portraits.

Sharon at the Cloister, NYC
circa 1969
Atlantic Ocean,
Atlantic City, NJ
circa 1977
Manifestation in Clouds
Air space, LA to SFO
circa 1980
Who am I
California shore
circa 1993
Portrait of Christine and Brock
Philadelphia, PA
Circa 1977
Pastel Portrait of Brock
by Brock
circa 1986
Pastel Portrait of Brock
by Brock
circa 1986
Equivalent in Hollyhock
Rochester, NY
circa 1966
Pastel Portrait of Brock
by Brock
circa 1986
Woodstock, NY
circa 1971
Equivalent in Roses
Napa, CA
circa 2005
Portrait of Man
circa 1969

Salmon River Lodge, Salmon River, Stanley, Idaho
circa 2000

Intercoastal Waterway, Florida
View from Bridge, South to North
circa 1999

I have been doing digital photography using a digital camera and PhotoShop since about 1992.

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